Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ro Khanna Not Really Genuine

 Gordon Ramsey is looking for a genuine candidate for  Congress, a fresh plate fill of new ideas

Ramsey has been told that Ro Khanna is really fresh, and he offers a dish of new ideas and new principles, not the same old ingredients

Ro  Khanna, Gordon is told, is a candidate who comes to the table as new main course, a entree of great promises

Ro is  a candidate they say who is one that is filled with new approaches

"Does Ro have ideas that the voters will find delicious?"  Ramsey asks

Upon examination, Gordon finds the Ro Khanna plate is nothing but bad imitation food, with a runny load of sour oil, and bad, aged vegetables

"I have seen Khanna's contributions, and his mismash of recycled ideas from conservatives, his dish is rotten and is nothing but a plate of frozeen principles!" Gordon shouts to Khanna;campaign chefs.

"You are serving a candidate that is nothing but a candidate that is stayed out of the real world for too long, the Khanna campaign is nothing but a collection of mouldy comments"

Gordon cannot believe the voters can stomach Ro Khanna

He is right!

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